Loquat tree

Welcome to my tiny home on the internet! Feel free to wander around and stay awhile. It’s nice to meet you — I’m Chloe.

I grew up in foggy San Francisco befriending humble houseplants and my grandparents’ loquat trees. In spirit of bringing nature’s charm into the digital world, I like tending to this space as a garden. I spend much of my time here planting seeds, nurturing ideas, and reflecting on the fruits of journeys I take.

I’m curious about how we might re-imagine the web for coexistence, design interactions that feel magical, and explore new ways to mesh with technology.

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Currently, I’m a rising junior studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, where I organize Pittsburgh’s largest hackathon and serve as a teaching assistant for 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems.

In past lives, I...

Before you go, feel free to step into my garden and visit some plants I’ve been tending to and fruits I’ve harvested from past seasons.

If any of these areas interest you, please reach out! I’m always looking to make new friends. :)

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Basket of orangesBasket of cherriesBasket of bananasBasket of pears
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